As day's goes by there are some changes that happened in the History of Chinese community.especially in the in the world of Social, Political anc Culural changes for those people who doesn't know Chinese decline the Feudalism, and it was replace by a system of incipient bureaucracy under monarchy but now China's goverment is People democratic dictorship and Under the Economic Development the most Important changes that happened is when changes in Agriculture. As we know china has a big and huge land at first farmer's harvest rice and sell it on just on the community until changes happened and now they export their rice to the other country. and alsothe soil bean farmers from china develop a briliant idea on how to they can get a good harvest of what they are planting the Soil was improved by adding manure and night soil and it works and the last one is the Cultural Changes as far as our memorie's concern we all know the great teacher name Confucius, one of hi famous quote ""it does not matter how slowly you go as long you not stop."" He Influence everyone with his actions and be a good sample to everyone. so until now from one generation to another generation his Influence remains. there are so many changes that happened but the Importantthing is that when changes happened it is for a good reason and everyone will Involved.

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