Helping Landlords Invest in Solar

Find out the value of solar energy to your property or business. Register your interest and we will reach out to introduce our service, book a site inspection and review the investment potential for your property. 

Landlord's Financial Benefits

  •  Better financial returns ROI of 12% - 18%                                                                                           (greater that stock market returns with less risk and volatility)

  •  Receive an additional 1-2 month of rent each year (approx.)

  •  Potentially lower tenant vacancy rates and increase in property value

  •  Peace of mind that solar systems will be operating at optimum efficiency for their warranted 25 years


Environmental Benefits

  • Utilising solar energy for your premises can greatly reduce your property's carbon footprint, which in turn improves your tenants credentials.

  • By opting into a cleaner source of power through our agreement, tenants will have the peace of mind that their actions are helping to preserve the planet.

Why invest in solar?

The Guardian

"Clean energy set to provide 35% of Australia's electricity within two years" - 31 Jul 2019


Tenant's Benefits

Working with your landlord, we help you save on power bills and access clean renewable energy.

  • Save 20% on electricity rates from any electricity provider

  • Access to clean renewable energy and no disruptions to current business operations

  • Green’ environmental credentials that tenants can use to market their businesses